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Flag on the Play

Posted in Appellate Practice, Appellate Procedure, Civil Procedure, On Being a Lawyer
Archer Norris welcomes Tiffany J. Gates to the appellate practice team and is pleased to present her first blog entry: Flag on the Play Football coach Vince Lombardi famously opined that, “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”  This mantra captured the public’s imagination during Lombardi’s reign as coach of the Green Bay Packers in… Continue Reading

Using Motion Practice to Get Rid of A “Slubby Mass” of Words

Posted in Recent Decisions
While most attorneys strive to write well-argued briefs on substantially justified legal theories (yes, I am an optimist), I don’t believe even the most conscientious of us realized that years ago, the Ninth Circuit created the “Slubby Mass” rule regarding the filings of appellate briefs: "In order to give fair consideration to those who call… Continue Reading