About Archer Norris

Archer Norris has an experienced group of appellate lawyers with a proven track record of success in California’s appellate courts. The firm’s appellate attorneys have briefed and argued numerous cases before the California appellate courts, the California Supreme Court, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. They are experts in both state and federal appellate procedure, with a successful history of identifying those issues in a client’s case that lead to the desired result from appellate justices.


The appellate attorneys at Archer Norris have spent years working as a team with trial counsel from the onset of a case. In addition to handling cases at the appellate level, we also focus on teaming with trial counsel at all stages in the litigation process in order to assist in avoiding the need for an appeal and preserving any claims your clients may have.


For more information on how we can complement your own legal team, contact the chair of Archer Norris’ appellate practice group, W. Eric Blumhardt.