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Legal Writing: Speak Freely (But Plainly, Please!)

Posted in Appellate Practice, Appellate Procedure, On Being a Lawyer
“This petition . . . ask[s] this Court to unmistakably clarify, to the whole patent community, that its Mayo/Biosig/Alice decisions (“3 decisions”) ended the claim construction anomaly hampering especially ET CIs – but meet, by their ‘ET proof’ refined claim construction, all ET CIs needs.” So begins the petition for review filed by a respected law firm in… Continue Reading

Changing of the Guard at State’s High Court

Posted in Appellate Practice, On Being a Lawyer
The California Supreme Court is undergoing a few changes. Justice Joyce L. Kennard has retired and has not yet been replaced. And Justice Marvin R. Baxter is leaving at the end of the year. Much has already been written about Governor Brown’s opportunity to continue remaking the Court in his (latter-day) image. Having appointed Justice Goodwin Liu, speculation is rampant about… Continue Reading